Hi! God bless y’all this absolutely lovely almost-summer afternoon.

Today I’m going to tell you about my walk with God. Sometimes I feel like the walk is turning into a crawl. The reason is: me. I’m not doing my best about going deeper, praying often, reading my Bible, and worshiping Him. I’m making a commitment right now to speed up to a jog. Hopefully a run. I wish there was a picture to describe this, but there’s not, and never will be. NO ONE can capture all of God’s glory. Yep. I said what I meant and meant what I said. I want Jesus to shine through me and to other people. Annnnnyways, I’m getting a bit off topic.

*would totally write some strange poetry for y’all to read, but is at the climax in her book, and probably needs to exercise if she ever wants to be good at volleyball, sooooo. . . *

Okay, okay, okay, I’m done. I’m just wasting your time now. ūüėČ


Busy, busy, busy

Wow I feel busy! I don’t know how I even find time to¬†write these! Anyways, no poetry today, I don’t have time, but I’ll have one next time.

Sometimes I feel struck by the intensity of God’s wonderful creation. I look out the window and I don’t just see trees, grass, and sky. I see a wonderful pallet of color and shading,¬† the brightness something that we could never achieve on our own. When I’m super busy, I like to stop, take a breathe, just look at my surroundings, and praise God for the beautiful place he has put us in.

~Sun Curtain


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away. . . I WAS AT THE BEACH! ¬†The sand was smooth, you could smell the salty air, and when you breathed it in. . . aaah. I hope y’all are having a lovely Friday. I really don’t know why I started thinking about the beach. Maybe it was a song I wrote a looooong time ago about the beach. I don’t really think this is poetry but more of a children’s chant or something funky like that. Anywho, here we go. (^.^)


Black but white

Soft but hard

Footprints everywhere

Castles and Dungeons

Towns and moats

All white 

and fancy

Covered in shells

Shaded from sun

Breeze flips your hair

Salt taste in your mouth

Dig your toes into the sand

Take a sip of your cool drink

And say ahhhh



Hello! It’s a beautiful day outside, sun streaming in my window, my hands poised on my keyboard to write. I have a piece here about a day when a lot of good can come. This opportunity is always here, and trust me, it’s one you’ll want to take. Sorry it’s a little short, but I had fun with this.


Buy a cone

for yourself and a friend

Spin a child on the merry-go-round

Greet with a smile, and never dim

Let yourself enjoy, but remember,

the one nearby needs Him.

In your arms tucked away, a legacy lay

So always live your best, for the Lord

and help another find their way.



This poem is something not exactly moving or anything, but it’s a deep feeling. You learn to let yourself go and let God lead you through the routine. However strange it may look to you, someone sees the beauty and the grace. You strive to let society see you as a respectable honest person, and no wrong can come of that. But sometimes you must move in ways you haven’t before and overcome the fear of what they believe. You must just let go and begin dance. I hope you like this, though I am not exactly that good at this.


Alone on the floor

Just the song and me

The melody wafting through the room

I begin to dance

My slipper whispers as my arms float

I reach down and begin a lithe step

For the thousandth time I disappear

And a shimmering ribbon emerges

It twists and turns

And with grace and beauty

I begin to dance

Forget yourself and everyone else and just dance

~Sun Curtain

This Thing called Love

Drowning in my angst

I looked up from where I lay,

covered in tears

There He was,

shining in all of His glory

His hand reaching out for mine

I stood and stared at his might,

at his strength and wondered in awe

A wispy golden light

weaved it’s way¬†to me

surrounding me in a ray of light,

a curtain of sun

I sighed as it warmed me 

and wiped my tears

It’s swirling patterns

made my eyes go wide

And I held this Thing, 

this Thing called love.

Enjoy! I hope y’all like it.